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The Boss X3 Light Access Platform is the perfect for Office Fitting Out, Retail (including fitting out and general up grading of stores such as hanging point of sale), Mechanical Engineering, Joinery and Woodwork, Facilities Management, Electrical Contracting, Cleaning, Plumbing, Warehousing and Painting and Decorating. Easy to operate by one person Small and lightweight (they are ideal for working on finished flooring and are narrow enough to fit through standard doorways and passenger lifts) Easy to move around with a tight turning circle.


The Pop Up Light Access Platform or PU is a light access or low level access platform providing an affordable and safe way to work at relatively low heights without having to take the risk of using towers or ladders. The Pop Up Light Access Platform is the perfect machines for low level, safe working at height, indoors. Key features of the Push Along (PU) include: • Simple for one person to operate; • Works well on flat floors; • Easily fits through a standard house door. The Pop Up Light Access Platform is the perfect powered access machines for: office fitting, retail store fittings, basically anything you would otherwise use a ladder or tower for.

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